Frequently asked questions

Child Sponsorship Programme and Donations

Why sponsor a child in Kenya?

Our Child Sponsorship Programme provides a way in which you can help directly to lift a child and his/her family out of acute poverty, offering that child hope for a better future.

Contributing £20 per month through our Child Sponsorship Programme, you help to ensure that the child and his/her family can afford food, water, fuel and shelter, as well providing financial assistance for educational and medical support. Most importantly, your contribution ensures that these children will not be sent out to work in order to supplement the family income. We work directly with our families to ensure that the children acquire an education and training needed to secure a brighter and more prosperous future.

Why sponsor a child through Kibera Kids?

By sponsoring a child through Kibera Kids, you can have peace of mind knowing that your support and financial contribution goes directly towards offering a better way of life for a child or children and his/her family in Kenya. We are a small but effective charity, run entirely on a voluntary basis, without a complicated management or administrative structure, meaning that every penny of your charitable contribution is delivered swiftly and efficiently to our beneficiaries. At Kibera Kids we operate without any overhead cost because it is run just by Phil and Louise and a small team of volunteers who donate their time and energy to lend their skills and talents to advance our work. This sometimes means that things take longer than you’d like or than they should but please bear with us, we are doing our best!

Kibera Kids has a strong relationship with Riziki – an NGO based on the ground in Kibera and run by Mary Kinoti who has a small team who understand the local culture and conditions, and are best placed to help those who need it most in Kibera.

How do I sponsor a child?

To sponsor a child via our website – choose the donate monthly option, enter £20 per month and then send us a message in the “leave the charity a message” box, telling us you’d like to sponsor a child with any requests about that child, such as age / gender.

What can I expect from my sponsorship?

Sponsoring a child in need is truly rewarding. There is the satisfaction of knowing that your generous contribution is making a real, positive change in someone’s life. Sponsoring a child in Kenya can be a culturally-enriching experience should you wish to learn about this fascinating part of Africa.

As a sponsor you will receive an annual update from your child which keeps you informed of their progress and life. We encourage sponsors to send letters and packages in return. Sometimes our supporters travel to Kibera to visit the Riziki office and their sponsored child, and this has always been a valuable and rewarding experience for them.

If you are a UK taxpayer, Kibera Kids is able to claim 25p from Her Majesty’s Government for every £1 donated. In order to do this, please ensure you have ticked the ‘Gift Aid’ box when you make your donation.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child and what amount does the child receive?

Many of our sponsors and supporters contribute £20 per month, and this contribution is distributed according to the needs of the individual child but to give you an idea it is often used in the following way:

•Educational Support – includes school uniform and books

•Medical Support – includes annual check-up and other medical treatment

•Sponsorship Management – includes costs associated with the regular welfare visits to the beneficiary’s home

Can I decide the gender or age of the child?

Yes – if you wish you can request an approximate age for the child, as well as the child’s gender. Some of our supporters are keen to support a child who is the same age as their own child or grandchild. Once you have requested this, the team in the UK and Kenya will work to link you with a child who best matches your specifications. To do this, when you donate via the website, add the request via the box “Leave the charity a message”.

How long do sponsorships last?

Your sponsorship contributions can continue for as long as you wish. We encourage our sponsors to continue to support their child throughout their education, as the aim of the Child Sponsorship Programme is to see all of our beneficiaries successfully graduate from university or their desired training courses. Knowing that they have supporters looking out for their interests also brings a strong sense of security to the sponsored child and their family.

I would like to send something by post to my sponsored child, where do I send it?

Phil (and sometimes Louise) goes to Kenya twice a year and we will notify donors of his trips as far in advance of them as we can. The safest way to get gifts to your child is for Phil to take them – we have tried posting them to Riziki in Kibera but they tend not to arrive.

Please send all letters/photos/gifts to us here at:


Devisdale Road



WA14 2AT

Please write the name of your sponsored child on the outside of the envelope and we will ensure it reaches them safely.

 Will my monthly donation go directly to my sponsored child?

While you will have a named sponsored child, all sponsorship money (including Gift Aid) is pooled in order to provide education support for all the children in the Kibera Kids programme, support their care-givers and fund wider Kibera community projects which will benefit your sponsored child and their care-givers. This gives us the flexibility to use the charitable donations we receive in the most efficient way possible and ensure that all the children in the Kibera Kids programme are provided for in the way they most need, to benefit from your support.

What happens if my sponsored child leaves the Kibera Kids programme?

There are various reasons why a sponsored child may leave the Kibera Kids programme. Sometimes this will be because the child has completed school, training or university and no longer needs the support of Kibera Kids, which is testament to the value of the support you provide. In other cases, a child’s family or care-giver may leave the Kibera community or there may be other family, health or other problems which means a child has to leave the programme.

Once we receive confirmation that a child has left the programme, we will allocate that child’s sponsor a new child in need of support and provide the sponsor with information about their new child as soon as possible.