Key Partnerships

Fusion Capital

fusion_imgFusion is a real estate developer and fund manager, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Fusion was founded by Phil Goodwin and Luke Kinoti in 2006 and is responsible for a string of landmark commercial and residential developments across East Africa.

We are proud of our partnership with Fusion which has existed since day one. See the about us section for more detail of this partnership and the link between us. plc is an on-line fashion retailer based in Manchester. Boohoo has agreed to support us with our work which is really great news! Mahmud Kamani (who was born in Kenya) and Carol Kane (founders and joint CEOs) are pictured below. We are so grateful for Boohoo’s support and generosity.

Individual Sponsors

fusion_imgFrom the start, Kibera Kids has been supported by a bunch of generous friends and family, who, through the KIN ‘Guardianship Scheme’ undertaken to support children through the process. We are grateful to these individual supporters, whose support has made the existence of Kibera Kids possible.