About Us

Kibera Kids is an education charity. Based in Manchester, England, but working through a team on the ground in Kibera, Nairobi, we help kids in one of the biggest slums in Africa to get through school. As every parent knows, getting a child successfully through school is their ticket to a good job, independence and having life choices. It is only possible if the child is supported financially and given encouragement and care at every step. Our programmes are designed around the needs of orphans and vulnerable children (‘OVC’s, is the jargon) – kids who have lost one or both parents who are at risk of never having the chances we hope for, for our children.

What we do

Support Care-givers

Most of our kids are living with a grandma, an aunt, a single parent or even a kind neighbour who has taken them in. Care-givers often struggle to make a living whilst caring for the children. We help with practical things like food, medical needs and advice.